3-D Baby PIX can provide you with stunning real-time and still images in 3D using the latest ultrasound technology. The still images and video obtained are captured in digital format so the images are state of the art. The founder of 3-D Baby PIX, Cathy Jo Cantrell, M.D. is a Perinatologist. Dr. Cantrell and her staff, all registered medical ultrasound technologists, specialize in fetal ultrasound diagnostics. This makes them uniquely positioned to draw the most out of this new technology assuring that the images obtained are the best possible.

Using the latest in 3D and 4D realtime imaging, we offer an experience that has not been available until now-images of your baby with a realism that cannot be equaled by any other technology.

Ultrasound has a proven track record for safety in pregnancy especially when used by experienced physicians.

Dr.Cathy Jo Cantrell and her staff perform the ultrasound recording using professional computer techniques to obtain the best possible still images.

The physician and technologists specialize in obstetrical ultrasound. This ensures that the images taken will be the best possible and that the greatest attention to safety is always maintained.

In about 80% of the scanning sessions we are able to obtain good to excellent pictures, however, there are factors that can severely decrease the quality of the images obtained or make them impossible to obtain about 20% of the time. The most common causes of image degradation are: a placenta that is on the front of the uterus and low down; decreased amniotic fluid; an engaged fetal head; the baby facing the mother's back, and maternal weights greater than 200 lbs.

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3d baby pictures logoPricing
Full 3-D package (30 min) 28-34 weeks
Includes DVD and photos with CD

Gender Only 2D (15 min) 17-24 weeks
Includes DVD and photos

Both Packages (2 visits)

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